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Multech PCB and Shenzhen Multech Co Ltd are belongs to Mutlech Group

Multech PCB's Website is still existing   Multech Group is the Headquarter of Multech PCB, Shenzhen Multech.Homepage:  Multech was originally offically founded at Hong Kong SAR in 2006. Multech Created new branch at Shenzhen Branch in year of 2015 , Setup Multech Branch focus on Technical support customers professionally and all PCB manufacting at our Plants are definitely legally full compliance with standards and specifications, all PCBs production are controlledby Multech and quality assurance with 100% tested and inspected all goods before shipment . 

Multech Technologies Pte Ltd is located in Singapore, Concentrate on specializing in PCB/PCBA Markets at USA/Europe and South-east Asia region, provide professionally High-Tech PCB/PCBA products to customers !

Multech Group Microcircuits Limited was founded at Hong Kong. Focus on specializing in DFM(Design for Manufacturing), PCB design, high Multilayer HDI PCB manufacturing supporting, important customer services .

In 2018, Q&D Multilayer PCB Co.,Limited has Merged with Multech Group, and Multech owns 100% of Q&D Multilayer PCB. including all facilities and certifications such as ISO,TS for PCB and PCB assembly Manufacturing. ;

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Multech Branch : Shenzhen Branch Multech Co Ltd R1401 XiangJiang Financial Bldg, Blk 03 Mawan 19, QH Shenzhen-Hong Kong Cooperation Zone.

Why Choose Multech?

Multech PCB Technologies Co., Ltd has been delivering engineered high-density interconnect printed circuit boards and PCBA for more than 16 years, and we believe no order is too small, and no tolerance is too tight. Our customers have rated our work as excellent quality 98 percent of the time, and we’ve delivered more than 99 percent on-time performances. Pair that with competitive pricing, quick quotes and response times, domestic and offshore manufacturing and an unprecedented level of flexibility, and you have a winning combination for all your HDI PCB needs.

President Mr. Li Visited American & European Customers

From 22 to 27 Feb 2010,Our Customer invite our boss for a tour to USA& Europe,the custmer was quite satisfied with our quality&delivery,we have a face to face communication with quality manager and production manager,Happy to achieve a win-win situation with our strategic partnerin the which play an important role in the world.

During the visit,Vice President Li did review the cooperation in 2009 with customers and also they forecasted the global economic situation and market demand in future.Sales Manager Xie and Director Deng updated Multech marketing strategy and capability to the customers.

Customer made audit our factory

Customer made audit our factory and happy to get approved. we took nice picture together after client visiting .It's always delightful to too customer's smile after their visit to Multech PCB factory tour.

Figuring out the details of your pcb’s stackup

Making sure your board has the right number of layers, with the correct thickness and material type, and in the proper orientation can sometimes be an entire job in itself. Not to mention the complexity of creating multiple layer stacks, each with their own set of constraints. Stackups for flexible board regions have their own set of unique requirements for things like coverlay, stiffeners, surface coating and core materials. Managing all of this in an organized way can be a difficult task.

High-speed PCB via design

Through the analysis of the parasitic characteristics of vias, we can see that seemingly simple vias in high-speed PCB designs can also bring great negative effects to circuit design. In order to reduce the adverse effects of the parasitic effects of vias, you can do as much as possible in the design.

What is the PCB test point?

The parts on the PCB are complex and diverse. Are all these parts in accordance with the specifications?Can all be soldered?If it does not meet the requirements of the process, it is not allowed to be manufactured, otherwise it cannot be used.Therefore, it is very important to test before manufacturing, which requires the PCB test point.The so-called PCB test point is used to test whether the zero device on the circuit board conforms to the specification and weldability.

Measurement Of PCB, generally using ICT(in-circuit -Test), or automated testing machine, is used to Test all parts Of the board that need to be measured by Bed-Of Nails.The speed of the test machine is generally very fast, but when the probe touches the part or the foot, it may crush it, so that the unproblematic device becomes problematic.

To solve this problem, there is a "test point", in the ends of the additional parts to elicit a pair of round dots, there is no welding (mask), can make a test probe access to these small points, without direct access to those measurement of electronic parts, so you don't have to worry about parts are damaged.